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About Board Games

Who doesn't like to spend a little time playing board games, like dame or, for the more applied, chess? If you are younger, you might like to spend some of your time on lap bank Real Estate or War games.

They are called board games.

Contrary to what we think, this type of game is not restricted to "grandpas" like backgammon and lady, the updated versions are very famous and fun.

This type of game uses a flat and pre-marked surface. That is, all images that are in this flat location are marked before marketing (or before the game, depending on the type).

They may vary from game to game. For example: Checkers and checkers have characteristic white and black (or ivory and brown) squares. Real estate banks, or Candyland, have “paths” where the player starts in a specific area and goes all the way to the end. Thus, there are numerous types of trays with various designs.

Lucky board games, strategy or both.

There are also those that are of pure strategy, luck, or that mix the two aspects.

Lucky board games are those that leave all the success (or failure) of the game in the hands of a random factor that is not up to the player. For example: A dice roll, or card choices. In this type of game, there is no way for the player to change his path, as he just "obeys".

For those of pure strategy, all success or failure depends solely on the player and his thinking. For it is he who sets up a way or a plan to follow. It's the lady example.

Mixed games of luck and strategy are widely found in the market. That's because, they allow an interesting dose of fun and challenge. Although it has a luck factor, dice roll or card choices, for example. It also has the strategy's important outcome determinant. Real estate banking, war and sea battle are great examples.

But not only that! There are several types of games!

That's because board games are comprehensive and can have extremely simple rules like the good old tic-tac-toe game. Or extremely complex that create real worlds like Dungeons & Dragons.

And like all physical games, it didn't take long for them to arrive online.

The most famous of them today is called “Autochess” a genre that innovatively simulates a chess game.

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