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About Card Games

Card games are also popularly known as card games. They are actually games that use a set of cards, also called a deck.

There are a number of types, some of which may be individual (A good example of this is computer or physical “patience”) or collective, ie they are played with more people in teams or alone.

But when was the emergence? Basically, there are records of this type of game since the tenth century BC. The first evidence was found in the East, where they were found in small thin strips of paper.

When they arrived in the west, they quickly became famous. The success of the "decks" began to gain strength already in the sixteenth century, where they spread throughout the world.

Due to the wide variety it is impossible to count how many types of cards there are in the world. This is because, many of them have spent centuries informally, ie never reached the industry and for this reason, lost themselves over time.

There is a collection called "The Best Games in the World". In it, at least 128 game options are cataloged and presented to the reader.

But not only that, besides all these games, each one has its own characteristics that vary, even from region to region.

Knowing the cards in a deck

The deck is one of those “clichés” of every barbecue, because it can be used in many different games and attracts because it is a single instrument of distraction that can be used in many different ways, ie it is possible to be distracted by several different games using the same tool.


It's the biggest card in the deck, she is often able to turn the tables at the last minute.


In most cases, this is the second card of the highest value. However, it may assume the role of medium strength or weak. An example of this is truco. The funniest thing is that French decks assign the value 13, while in Spanish it is 12.


The lady is the only female figure in the deck. In those who believe in divination through letters, it is full of meaning. Speaking of her level in games, she's not as strong as ace or kings, but still, she's in TOP 3 strength most of the time.

In the French version, she is represented by a woman and the letter Q (from quenn), has the value number 12. In Spanish, there is no figure of a queen, but a horse and numerical value of 11. In the Spanish deck is replaced by the horse, and has a numerical value of 11.


The valet, on the other hand, most often takes the number 11. The nomenclature came from the French word valet, which is used to designate a male domestic worker, almost like a 17th-century “surrogate husband”.


No, this is not the villain of DC. But it was undoubtedly one of the inspirations to build this character. This is because the joker can change the value according to other cuts. In many games, it ends up harming the player who takes it, including.

Other times, it's a stroke of luck.


The suits are separations between the cards, where each has its "group". The french deck

It is divided into 4 "groups".

Let's see:

Swords ♠

Sticks ♣

Hearts ♥

Diamonds ♦

So, were you curious to see the many possibilities of card games? So check our selection and make sure you keep the strategy in?