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About Platform Games

Have you ever played Mario World? So I need to let you know that you've been facing a platform game. Although the nomenclature seems quite odd, this type of game is made up of literally platforms where the player's character goes up, down and faces obstacles.

The genre emerged early in the early 1980s and since its inception have been a smash hit, marking a generation. After all, who doesn't remember games like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man World, Crash Bandicoot, Prince of Persia, Castlevania, Metroid and Mega Man.

Now, let's know a little more about this much missed genre.

Platform Games: A Longing Story

This type of game, as we said, had its first appearance in the early 80's. That's because, that was when the first consoles began to invade the houses. Games were no longer restricted to bars. Children in the comfort of their own home could embark on an electronic adventure.

As the technical limitation was huge, the first games did not come with immense technology. They were just static backgrounds, seen from the side.

The first game to debut the genre was Frogs, an arcade created by Gremlin shortly before the 1990s in 1978. For the first time ever, a character jumped over obstacles. But, there was nothing special at the time. It was only possible to jump between some platforms automatically, it was not possible to control the height of the jump or its direction. And when you fell, you lost.

Then it was the Space Panic, which was also a big influence on the genre's modernities. The goal was to climb stairs between different levels.

But it was with Donkey Kong in 1981 that this type of game was consolidated as a hit genre. The title created by Nintendo soon won the world. In it, for the first time it was possible for players to jump over obstacles and dodge holes.

On the first two screens, Donkey had a limited and simple platform, similar to his predecessors. But later, the game evolved and the leaps became more pronounced. Putting it in the golden gallery of games!

Then it was our favorite plumber's turn (who was a carpenter at the time): Mario, who generated a lot of popularity under the name of Jumpman. When Mario won the world as Jumpman, the company made the decision to change his profession. And now yes, he was a plumber ready to save his beloved princess. That's how Mario Bros: The First Cooperative Platform Game!

From then on, platform games have taken many forms and to this day are a huge success, especially on smarthphones.

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