Supremacy 1914

by Bytro Labs
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Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 is a multiplayer strategy game developed by the company Bytro Labs and published by Bigpoint Games.

The game is set in the First World War, where you can choose your favorite nation and conquer the highest position in the empire.

Its world is divided into provinces and each is the city and the road that connects the other provinces. The map is marked with the units of each owner, which is differentiated by color.

  • Map 1 - Europe 1914 (10 players)
  • Map 2 - 1910 Historic Europe (8 players)
  • Map 3 - The Great War (contains eastern North America, northern Africa and part of the Middle East) (31 players)
  • Map 4 - Battle for Western Europe (4 players)
  • Map 5 - Southeast Asia (15 players)
  • Map 6 - South America 1914 (10 players)
  • Map 7 - Middle East 1914 (30 players)
  • Map 8 - USA vs Mexico (2 players)
  • Map 9 - Global (85 players)
  • Balance your production of materials, troops and weapons
  • Team up with other competitors to make exchanges
  • To protect your people, always train them on battlefields with infantry, cavalry and an experimental tank
  • Build cannons and warships to be able to attack your enemies at sea

Use the left mouse button to perform actions in the game.

Supremacy 1914 was developed by the company Bytro Labs.