Stardoll Dress Up & Make Up Games

Stardoll Dress Up & Make Up Games

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It is a fact that one of the most sought after game styles on the internet is Dress Up and Makeup Games. They are played daily by millions of users and even have specialized websites like Stardoll.

How Stardoll Dress Up and Makeup Games Work

You must select your character, customize scenarios, choose your clothes, makeup and more. But there is a big problem for today. Most users use mobile phones or tablets to play, and as part of the features of the site is in flash you can not use it 100%. But the problem does not stop there, the Google Chrome browser no longer has the flash player enabled by default and some others no longer have support for the plugin.

It is possible that soon the flash player will not be used completely.

HTML5 Dress-Up Games

But do not be worried about it, as technology evolves today we already have a solution for casual browser games. Many games are already produced in HTML5 perhaps most of the current releases use the technology.

This was one of the pillars for building this portal, bringing together the best games in HTML5 so our users can play anywhere and whenever they want. Our games are 100% free!

So if you are ready for the fun we will leave here a short list of Dress Up and Makeup Games for you. And do not forget to follow our social networks to keep up with all our launches. New Games are released daily.

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